Sep 04, 2017

Forbis has released new FORPOST 4.7.0 version

The new FORPOST 4.7.0 version was released on 31/08/2017.  FORPOST v.4.7.0 is supported with database Oracle 11g or Oracle 12c, and Oracle Forms 11g or Oracle Forms 12c. The version includes 471 tasks and requests for developments.

Compliance-related improvements
Significant improvements have been implemented to the FORPOST system in order to ensure the compliance with PCI DSS requirements for storage and display of PAN (Primary Account Number) and other sensitive authentication data (track data, CAV2/CVC2/CVV2/CID, etc.). According to PSD (EU Payment Services Directive), an amount of operation fee must be calculated and presented to a customer before the operation execution. The FORPOST Operation Fees subsystem has been modified in order to have such a possibility.
Among notable improvements, general multilanguage functionality of FORPOST classifiers and other translatable items has been updated.

New report tool FORPOST*JReport
FORPOST system transitions to a new report technology. The new report tool has been implemented by using Java web technologies. This is a standard web application that may be implemented in Java application server. The report is accessible through HTTP protocol by providing parameters necessary for the application to execute a report. The report accesses the database itself in order to obtain required data. The report is accessible

  • By using XSR technology, e.g., directly from a database
  • From other applications, e.g., from “Oracle Forms”
  • Reports may be executed synchronically or asynchronically

To guarantee high availability and scalability, standard technologies intended for web application are used. Forbis offers training workshops to create customized reports by using FORPOST*JReport.

FORPOST*Fee Management subsystem was updated according to the Payment Service Directive. An amount of operation fee can be calculated and displayed to a customer before the operation execution

New product FORPOST*Pricing Package was created, allowing the financial institution to provide banking services for legal entities and private persons under standard and exceptional conditions. The system allows:

  • Different variants for creating pricing packages
  • Setting an unlimited number of fees for the package 
  • Assigning pricing packages to a specific customer or a group of customers 
  • Selling the pricing package to a specific customer
  • Manual or automatic activation and cancellation

A functionality of the FORPOST*Invoices product for automatic sending of invoices imported from other system to customers by email has been created. System processes import of invoices from other systems, i.e.: Axapta, Lotus Notes, Navision, to FORPOST. The imported data of invoices are stored in the registry of invoices in the FORPOST system. Invoice data in the registry may be viewed, printout of invoices may be prepared, invoice report for a specific period may be made.

Significant improvements and new functionality was developed for FORPOST*Internet Banking

  • Fraud Monitoring
  • Confirmation of operations without a security mean
  • New user profiling
  • Non-registered user Portal
  • E-Documents
  • Statement Requests
  • One payment form

Fraud Monitoring system has been created to guarantee a more secure working environment for internet bank users and to protect the bank from different fraud incidents. By using this system, the bank may define different rules allowing a faster detection of suspicious logins to the internet banking or suspicious operations performed. To make the functionality more effective, a result of how the system should behave after it detects a suspicious activity may be specified for each rule:

  • Inform a bank employee or a group of employees about suspicious behavior
  • Interrupt an action being performed
  • Deny the user access to the internet bank
  • Demand bank’s confirmation for an operation entered

A new user profiling allowing a faster and more convenient control of a customer selection functionality has been created. By using this function and a new convenient form the bank may bring the IB users controlled by the same natural persons to one group for which the same security measure will be applied. The natural person, having connected to the internet bank, will have a possibility to switch to other IB users in that group and perform desired actions with them. The same security measure is used for login and signing of all users in the group. A new FORPOST back-office form allows to easily create and administer such user groups.

Confirmation of operations without a security measure allows to set that a password of the IB user security measure would not be required for signing specific IB operations. The IB user will see the button "Approve" during the signing of such operation. After the button is clicked, the IB operation will be approved with a technical security measure. The function of confirmation of operations without a security measure allows to facilitate and simplify the creation of secure and frequently used IB operations, e.g., transfer of funds between the customer's accounts, currency exchange or any other operation.

Improvements in statement request - single and periodic statement request functions have been merged into one. A possibility to download the requested single and periodic statements from the internet bank has been created. The request of statements as well as requested and prepared statements can be viewed on a newly created IB page. The functionality can send a notification to the user's email after the system prepares a statement.

Development of mobile device API

API (application programming interface) intended for replication of IB functions in mobile devices (or other interfaces) has been developed. The following functions are accessible via API:

  • First time login
  • Login
  • Second login step with: Vasco Digipass, e-signature, SMS
  • Password change
  • Invoice view
  • Statement
  • Inter-account transfer
  • SEPA transfer
  • Operation list (including the view)
  • Operation signing

The new API allows the banks to develop and provide bank functions to customers on mobile and other devices.

Mobile application

Forbis has always focused its efforts on keeping up with the demands of the highly mobile digital consumer, who wants access to their accounts 24/7. Mobile Banking application with number of technological innovations and enhancements to the way bank customers operate their finances with a mobile device.

The application replicates the main Internet Bank functionality presented so that the functions would be clear, convenient and quickly accessed. The bank client, having the Internet Bank, does not need to separately refer to the bank to start using the application. Forbis’ goal is to combine increased functionality with an improved user experience through better navigation and design.