Reliable Partner in Financial IT

We are developers of comprehensive IT solutions for finance industry.

Since those early days when we started in 1990, technology and market have changed a lot, yet the core of what we do has remained the same: we provide our clients with IT solutions that are readily adaptable to the future.

Our core product can be tailored to the needs of your business: our products work equally well as a powerful independent banking system, or as a separate feature module integrated to your existing core systems, or as a platform hosting your services.







Management team

Meet our Leaders

Highly experienced professionals that are fully committed to providing a high quality service and making Forbis a great place to work.

Our heads share over a century of combined expertise. Altogether, Forbis experience will soon reach millennium.

andrej-1_3648-76717b9e7e091775cb7506756509c0fc.jpg andrej-2_2404-ca20c3cfa215fcf01439cab61338cc8f.jpg
Andrej Zujev Founder & Business Consultant
ija_1_744-7d45c5fc7159ac2e00bf909cc0851bf3.jpg ija_2_7087-bfa40a6958568439b8b4cc53ef97e61e.jpg
Ija Šležė Chief Executive Officer
jelena_1_2639-31966a1256819c9b332ec953d036eb7a.jpg jelena_2_2287-d7a2f1c6b44b0003778c94bf638369a1.jpg
Jelena Michailova Deputy CEO
anton_1_7518-d8d06c2541e03cfae70f8b6a46e058a9.jpg anton_2_7529-7eeec2e66c547540e05d30458985f2f6.jpg
Anton Zujev Head of Sales
alex_1_5210-b0b7cd070d40704b865726d67e8661ae.jpg alex_2_1363-b8d8471deadc77e1d4debf263212be42.jpg
Aleksandr Serebriakov Head of IT Infrastructure