AML Training

Anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing training

Anti-money laundering (AML) and Counter terrorism financing prevention (CTF) is an extremely important issue for financial market members which is strictly regulated by the Republic of Lithuania Law on AML and CTF, and other legal acts and resolutions.

The goal of the training organised by Forbis is to help financial institutions to better understand the legal requirements of AML/CTF and how to efficiently apply them in practice.

Who will benefit from this training programme?

The training is intended for employees of financial service companies—from payment institutions to banks—responsible for organisation and implementation of anti-money laundering and terrorist financing prevention measures or directly working with customers, their accounts or payments.

Main topics of the training

The training consists of theoretical and practical parts.

Theoretical part
  • Money laundering. How does it work?
  • Anti-money laundering and terrorist financing laws and regulations
  • Financial institution’s duties
  • Risks and penalties
  • Main principles that must be followed when servicing customers
  • Criteria of suspicious operations
  • Customer rating according to money laundering and terrorist financing risk

Practical part

  • Operation monitoring
  • New technlogy for anti-money laundering purposes
  • Practical aspects of applying anti-money laundering measures
  • Documents and procedures applicable to a financial company

This programme can be tailored to your needs.

Duration of training: 1 day

Optional purchase of documents

For your convenience, we can provide operational documents for your Compliance department which are expected by Bank of Lithuania:

  • Registration log of customer’s monetary operations
  • Registration log of customers with whom business relationship is terminated
  • Registration log of suspicious operations and contracts
  • Know Your Customer Questionnaire (Individual)
  • Know Your Customer Questionnaire (Corporate)
  • Rules for determination of a beneficiary
  • Rating of countries according to a risk level of money-laundering and terrorist financing
  • Rating of customers according to a risk level of money laundering and terrorist financing
  • A list of verification scripts of monetary operations performed by customers