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In order to ensure your individual internal needs, as well as smooth and safe operation of the FORPOST banking system, we provide qualitative system support services of highly-qualified specialists.
We organise the support of the system by modern methods and means. Each customer is granted a special status and a possibility to get into the internal servicing environment, i.e. we provide access to the FORPOST documentation portal and to the system of managing technical tasks developed by the specialists of the Forbis Company, where it is possible to directly pose requests or applications, to inform on the problems or errors, to monitor the course of task performing etc. Besides, there is a separate network interface, designed for entering and editing of the tasks on system changing or development.
By mutual agreement, the specialists of the Forbis Company may connect to the bank testing complex, and the bank employees in their turn may connect to the demonstrative resources of Forbis via a remote access. Such a possibility of remote access saves customers’ and our resources, allows efficiently reacting to the arisen problems, and makes cooperation even more convenient.
Use of the service
  • all your requests are performed and problems are solved efficiently;
  • support is provided 7 days a week and 24 hours a day;
  • consultations and system control of highly-qualified specialists is at your disposal;
  • you get an unlimited access to the support portal;
  • you are provide with all the required documentation.
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