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Our mission, vision, values

What are we?
Our company is an internationally acknowledged developer of banking information systems having nearly twenty years’ experience.
Forbis is an international company that has been developing and implementing solutions for banking information systems for 20 years. The banking information system FORPOST is an integral system using one setting and database. The system can be used by banks and finance institutions of different sizes; it supports traditional and innovative solutions of different complexity. The company, being a leading vendor of banking IT in Lithuania, has successfully implemented its solutions in countries including Belarus, Russia, Latvia, Estonia and Azerbaijan. Due to its technological and architectural features FORPOST is one of the leading and most technologically advanced systems in the market of bank products.
For the bank, which is looking for a modern and at the same time convenient business management solution, we have created FORPOST, an information system. It is an integral system with the indivisible environment and data base, suitable for various business scale and supporting both traditional and innovative products of different complexity.
Our values:
  • Competence. We strive to purposefully and sensibly use knowledge and experience.
  • Respect. We believe that self-respect and respectful attitude to colleagues, partners, and customers is the basis for productive work and business relationship.
  • Trust. By evolving trust, we seek for firm mutual relationship in the business world, at work, and in personal life.
  • Innovations. We appreciate the atmosphere of innovativeness and innovations embodying.
Our mission is to be a reliable partner, who is ready to assist banks on their way to success, providing them with the most technologically advanced solutions.
Our vision is a leading company developer of banking information systems, based on competence, respect, and trust.
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