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Key events in the company’s history
  • 1990 – CJSC Forbis established in Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 1991 – BIS FORPOST first installed in Latvia (Latgalian Bank)
  • 1994 – BIS FORPOST started operating on the basis of Oracle data base
  • 1996 – CJSC Forbis became an Official Oracle Partner
                 BIS FORPOST implemented in Lithuania (Bank Snoras)
  • 1998 – BIS FORPOST started functioning in Russia (Bank SurgutNefteGazBank)
  • 2000 – Forbis estabished in United Kingdom, London
  • 2003 – CJSC Forbis granted an Oracle Partner Network status of a certified partner
  • 2006 – BIS FORPOST adapted for Belarus
  • 2007 – CJSC Форбис established in Russia, Moscow
  • 2008 – BIS FORPOST adapted to the requirements of the Russian Federation Central Bank regulations No 302-P
  • 2010 – first project of BIS FORPOST implementation in Estonia
  • 2011 – first project of BIS FORPOST implementation in Azerbaijan
  • 2013 – BIS FORPOST adaptation and data migration for euro introduction in Latvia
  • 2014 – BIS FORPOST adaptation and data migration for euro introduction in Lithuania
Forbis today
Forbis today is а leading company developing software for banking business in the Baltic countries, successfully working in Central and Eastern Europe and expanding its activity in other regions.
We try to be aware of the individuality of each of our customers, to consider their needs, efficiently response to remarks. We acknowledge that our best teaches are our most demanding customers and we are grateful for this.
We are glad that the FORPOST system, created by the Forbis Company, embraces all the spheres of a modern bank activity, and meets individual requirements and activity specifics of a bank; it allows to efficiently react to any changes in banking services.
We are proud of the highly-qualified team, whose experience, intellectual and creative potential allow accepting and implementing the most difficult challenges of the modern banking business.
We fearlessly consider new possibilities and future technologies. Using twenty-years’ experience and innovations, we are ready to enhance our positions and continuously develop the range of services and products.
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